Production Machineries

9'' Horizontal Band Saw

At first the raw material from the store is cut into squares of required size by using cutting band saw

Conventional Milling Machine

Then the raw material is roughly machined to the required outer shape of work piece
Conventional Milling Machine (Vertical)

After that the operations like hole`s setup down,pocket,chamber are machined with a stock of material
Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinding is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surface`s.
At the first job is roughly grinded and after finishing of all operations in wire cut and in EDM.
Then finishing for better surface finishing and smoothness
Wire EDM (Sodick AG400L)

This machine has linear motor drive so it is capable of simulataneous control of high speed electrical discharge axis movement by using serial communication technology of 1 GB / Sec.
 Super Drill Machine

Super drill is used to drill start hole`s for passing of the wire in cnc wire edm machining process.
CNC  Edm Machine

CNC  Wire Edm machine is for machining of any irregular and regular profile`s, hole`s and taper angel`s.
Wire cut machining Is done after rough grinding.

Inspection Machineries

Linear Height Guage

This is capable of checking the work piece of maximum 900mm.
This has an least count of 0.0001mm.
And the dimension`s are measured at an 0.001mm in linear height guage
Profile Projector

Profile projecter is an optical comparater used for measuring micro parts of machines.This projector magnifies the profile of the specimen and display`s this on a built-in projection. This shows the work piece 50 time`s larger then the orginal piece.All regular and irregular profile`s and ange`s can be measured.
Rock Well Hardness Tester

Rock well hardness testing is a general method for measuring the bulk hardness of metallic and polimer materials.Hardness testing is widely used for material evalution because of its simplicity and low cost relative to direct measurements of many properties.
Micro Meter

Has digital display that shows the reading in mm.
It is mainly used to measure the outer dimension`s of the work piece
It has an least count of 0.001mm
 Digital Caliber

Has a display that shows the reading in mm.
It is mainly used to measure the outer size. Hole diameter and depth.
It has an least count of 0.01mm

Pin Gauage

Pin gauge in used in checking of hole diameter.
This is available in the range of 1.00mm – a step of 0.01mm.
Slip Guage

Slip gauge is a rectangular bar`s of standard size made of tungsten carbide.
By matching the size of the bar with work piece by dial indicator we can obtain the dimensions
Able to check length, width, pitch, diameter etc..,
Laser Engraving Machine

We at HTP tools engrave all our piece with its part no or its name for the easy identification of the piece from it`s similar piece`s

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