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Hitech Precision Tools, the Chennai based manufacturing and recondition of machine tools company,

has together its State-of-art technology expertise and intuitive understanding of business process to provide you with a world class, highly focused precision parts, in various business areas, in fully customized and completely generalized form. We established from sep-28-2008

Hitech Precision Tools is a FCS(ISO-9001:2008) regonized company. It's providing high technology value added services and products through a committed and professional team with customer delight and satisfaction as the objective price and prompt delivery.Achieve professionally managed organization.


We  are a class of machinists in the manufacturing industries who make jigs, fixtures, dies, moulds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges, and other tools used in manufacturing processes.

We work primarily in toolroom environments—sometimes literally in one room but more often in an environment with flexible, semipermeable boundaries from production work. We are skilled artisans who typically learn their trade through a combination of team work and hands-on instruction with a substantial period of on-the-job training. Art and science (specifically, applied science) are thoroughly intermixed in our work, as we also are in engineering. we often work in close consultation as part of a manufacturing engineering team. Our careers require some level of talent in both artistic/artisanal/creative areas and math-and-science areas. Job-shop machinists can be any combination of toolmaker and production machinist. Some work only as machine operators, whereas others switch fluidly between toolroom tasks and production tasks.

Traditionally, working from engineering drawings developed by engineers and technologists, tool makers lay out (mark out) the design on the raw material (usually metal), then cut it to size and shape using manually controlled machine tools (such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, and jig grinders), power tools (such as die grinders and rotary tools), and hand tools (such as files and honing stones)…………


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